We offer a variety of online courses designed for different needs and stages in life.

Currently all courses are available i Swedish 🇸🇪
We are working on to make all courses available in English as well. 

Interested in taking your life our business to the next level?




Keys to your inner power

The Luna-method 


A step-by-step method to give you the key´s to the power you already have within you. This is what they forgot to teach you about women's health, what they failed to tell you about your cycle's inner powerful potential.

Let me teach you, so you can teach your friend, your sister or your daughter. So that she never has to wonder where in history she lost her feminine power.




A mental transformation

66 Days 


The online course that has changed the lives for over thousands women. A mental transformation during 66 days together with other women in a closed community.

Now it's your turn!
The life you always dreamt of is your for the taking. All you have to do is start. 
What are you waiting for? 





Boost your self-love in 14 days


This program is designed to help you discover and embrace your inner strength and worth. Through daily exercises, reflections, you learn to cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and self-acceptance.





Boost your relationship in 30 days


This program is designed for couples who want to renew and deepen their relationship. With a mixture of guided discussions, couple exercises and communication techniques, you will jointly take steps towards a stronger, more harmonious relationship.




For your kids

Boost your kids self-esteem 


This program offers parents and guardians the tools to support their children's emotional well-being and self-esteem. Through coaching tools and activities, you will learn how to encourage positive self-image and a growth mindset in your children. 


Step 1. Course Enrollment

Within minutes of completing your purchase, you'll get an email with the next steps and your login credentials.

Step 2. Get To Work

Each course should be taken at your own pace. Review the material, videos, audio-tracks, workbook or text provided in the course. Some courses are designed to be done over time for an even larger effect.  

Step 3. Achieve Your Goals

Our goal is to help you surpass yours. The result you get equals the amount of effort you put in.