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Äntligen välkomnar vi dig till en helg i sann entreprenörsanda. Vi har länge haft en hög efterfrågan på att lära ut vårt sätt att arbete som coacher online. Nu vill vi visa dig våra hemligheter. 



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It has long been a dream to gather like-minded people in one place. People who want more, who look at the world through curious eyes. People who want to get to know themselves and explore in depth. People who want to learn the tools, get inspired and motivate each other.
Finally there is that place and we can now welcome you into our world.


I'm Nathalie!


After running through life constantly chasing happiness, completely out of control, I decided I had had enough. It had cost me four businesses, two homes and a relationship to understand the seriousness. I trained as a coach at one of the world's best schools for coaches and now I live a life I could only dream of before.

Now I can use my own experiences, well-educated tools and amazing qualities to help people, just like you, create the life of your dreams. You are always one decision away from a healthier and happier life. I will show you how, with simple means and small changes, you can create the life you deserve to live.


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I'm Filip!


I was constantly living to please everyone around me, forgetting myself along the way. When I decided to put myself first, my turning point came. My life was ruled by guilt, I struggled with dark thoughts, low self-esteem and not taking responsibility for my actions. Born with leadership qualities but without the right guidance, I became a problem instead of an asset many times. Today I am a living example that you can if you want, sometimes you just need a little help along the way.

After several years in leading positions, leading people, I finally found it! What drives me! With all my life experience, the right mindset and along with training at one of the world's top mental coaching schools, I now have the answer. I am driven by helping others and seeing you succeed.


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