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Each of our services is designed to help you and to provide tools for your everyday life. For you to become the best version of your self there is no magic pill, you need to invest in your self with consistency and dedication. To create motivation for that kind of change is our expertise.
We offer many different ways of working with us. Workshops, lectures, one on one coaching, online programs, retreats or our membership Self Mastery Club.


66 Days


Join Nathalie's
66 DAYS - the program that has changed the lives of several hundred women.
In a closed community, you make your life's journey to create the life you dream of. Tools for life, friends for life and the change you've been waiting for.


The Luna-method

A step-by-step method to give you the key to the tools you already have within you. This is what they forgot to teach you about women's health, what they failed to tell you about your cycle's inner powerful potential.

Let me teach you, so you can teach your friend, your sister or your daughter. So that she never has to wonder where in history she lost her feminine power.



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“Get prepare to be blown away!”

All women should have the opportunity to do this program. Getting tools and knowledge to live after your menstrual cycle ❤️ that everything is connected and that Nathalie shares her knowledge in such an easy and inspiring way makes it even more magical 🌙

–  Jessica Lindén




This service is only available to our Swedish customers at the moment.

Bli en del av en exklusiv community dedikerad till personlig utveckling och självledarskap. Self Mastery Club erbjuder en omfattande plattform för att förändra ditt liv - inifrån och ut.  

  • Tillgång till vårt community
  • Self Mastery Class - varje månad
  • Meditationer, talks och #listenwhen
  • Worksheets
  • Onlineprogram
  • Utmaningar & guider
  • Extramaterial kopplat till vår Self mastery podcast


I want to know more

“I SMC finns allt och lite till”

Nämen dessa två människor har helt förändrat min syn på personlig utveckling! Från något som kändes stort, svårt och otroligt jobbigt till något jag nu arbetar med varje dag utan att känna mig överväldigad. I SMC finns allt och lite till, det är mer än en medlemstjänst det är ett community där vi alla hjälper och finns där för varandra. Jag hade inte vart här jag är idag utan Nathalie och Fille. Tack 🥰

–  Yasmine Murbäck Willén



Embark on a transformative journey with one of us.
We are two experienced coaches that specializes in change, biohacking, and mindset. Unlock your inner strength, optimize your biological potential, and create lasting change. Through deep conversations, practical exercises, and science-backed techniques, we'll overcome barriers, instill positive habits, and achieve your personal and professional goals. Invest in yourself, let one of us be your guide to a life of balance, success, and inner harmony. Contact us to explore the coaching package tailored to your needs and kickstart the journey that will redefine your life.


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“A more goal-oriented me”

Filip has helped me enormously. More than I had thought in advance that personal coaching could ever do. The result is a happier, more confident and even more goal-oriented me.

–  Niklas Johansson

“Nathalie is one of a kind”

Nathalie is one of a kind. There is no one who makes me feel good like she does. Listens, asks the right questions, makes me laugh & sometimes even cry, inspires and motivates. She is the best!

– Emma Jendman

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