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Privacy Policies

We recommend that you, as a visitor, user of our products or services, representative of companies that are customers, suppliers, or partners of Self Mastery Club AB, physical persons contacting us through forms on our website, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or subscribing to our newsletters, carefully read through this document.

Self Mastery Club AB respects your privacy and always handles your personal information responsibly and in accordance with applicable data protection laws. In this document, we will describe and provide detailed information about the processing of your personal data. The data controller at Self Mastery Club AB is Filip Wennesjö.

This privacy policy is intended to inform you about how we collect, define, and use information that can identify you, such as your name, email address, other contact information, online identifiers, or other information you provide us when using our websites or relying on our services.

Your personal data is typically collected from you or from the company or organization you represent, e.g., via email, our social media, or other communication channels, or in connection with events or meetings. We may also receive personal information about you from our partners. Additionally, we may use external information services to supplement existing data, such as your location and contact information.

Our starting point is not to process more personal data than necessary for the purpose, and we strive to use the least privacy-sensitive information. The purpose of collecting your data is necessary to offer you the best customer experience of our services, to maintain good customer contact, and to perform the tasks and agreements that Self Mastery Club AB has received and entered into. Some of our online programs require communication from us outside our platform. Personal meetings with coaches at Self Mastery Club AB often occur digitally. We also want to provide marketing from Self Mastery Club AB in the form of offers, news, course launches, motivational messages, and general information about Self Mastery Club AB's future plans and visions. You have the right at any time to demand rectification of your personal data or revoke your consent and also obtain a record of which personal data is stored with us. If no such communication occurs, Self Mastery Club AB retains your personal data indefinitely. To rectify personal data or revoke your consent, contact [email protected]. Note that revocation of consent may mean that we cannot fulfill the obligations we have towards you.

We access your personal data in the following ways: • Data that you provide to us directly • Data we receive from registration for our programs • Data we receive when you subscribe to newsletters or other mailings • Data we receive when you contact us, visit us, or otherwise communicate with us.

Self Mastery Club AB does not share your personal data with third parties other than those expressly stated in this policy. Our starting point is not to disclose your personal data to a third party unless you have consented to it or if it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation or to fulfill our obligations towards you, customers, and/or partners. In cases where we disclose personal data to third parties, we ensure that the personal data is processed in a satisfactory manner. Situations when your personal data may be disclosed to third parties are listed below.

We use cloud solutions to store certain information; therefore, personal data may be transferred to our cloud solution providers. • Your personal data may be disclosed to suppliers and partners if the suppliers or our partners need your personal data to fulfill their obligations towards us. • We share customer information with financing companies we collaborate with, which in turn have agreements with and communicate directly with the customer. • Personal data may be disclosed to authorities when necessary to fulfill our legal obligations. Self Mastery Club AB does not make your information available to third parties for their marketing purposes.

Self Mastery Club AB may transfer your personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA. If personal data is transferred to a country outside the EU/EEA, we will take measures to ensure that the personal data continues to be protected and will also take necessary measures to ensure a lawful transfer of personal data to countries outside the EU. This is because we use services from an IT provider in the USA and a payment solution provider in Ireland. We have ensured that your rights are guaranteed when transferring personal data.

Self Mastery Club AB owns all material in our online programs and on our website. The material in the programs may not be shared or distributed and is protected by copyright. If the material is spread or shared, we have the right to take legal action.

Staff at Self Mastery Club AB are bound by confidentiality. We do not share information about customers or clients unless the information shared during conversations or in other forms of communication remains between the coach and the client or customer.

We reserve the right to change and update this policy from time to time. We will make you aware of these changes if they indicate a fundamental change in the processing or are relevant to the nature of the processing or are relevant to you and affect your data protection rights.

We do not encourage anyone to use our programs or services as an alternative to medical screening, treatment, and/or care. If you are currently being treated by a doctor or other medical professional for any condition or illness, please consult your doctor before starting our programs or services, or changing or modifying any treatment program. We are not doctors, trained psychologists, or nutrition experts. Our programs, statements, and opinions are not individual advice.

You agree not to use any obscene, indecent, or offensive language or place material on the service that is defamatory, offensive, abusive, harassing, hateful, pornographic, illegal, obscene, or otherwise objectionable (at the owner's discretion). Furthermore, you may not place any material on the service that is encrypted, constitutes spam or unauthorized advertising, infringes on someone's privacy, or encourages behavior that would constitute a crime, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, state, national, or international law or regulation. You agree to use the service only for legal purposes, and you acknowledge that your failure to do so may subject you to civil and criminal liability.

You are responsible for ensuring that all material you provide to the service or post on the service or its forums, including but not limited to text, photographs, and audio, does not violate the copyright, trademark, trade secrets, or other personal or proprietary rights of third parties or is posted with the permission of the owner of such rights. You agree to provide the owner, upon request, with copies of all releases from third parties for the use of their content on the service.

Our programs and services are not intended for users under 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old and wish to use our services or programs, parental consent is required; contact [email protected] for further discussion.

Contract and Order

If you register and use your account with Self Mastery Club AB, you have the opportunity to enter into agreements and perform transactions electronically. You confirm that your electronic transmissions constitute your agreement, and you consent to be bound by and pay for such agreements and transactions. By selecting "purchase," "ok," "I agree," or any similar confirmation of approval in the order process, you are placing an order. All orders must be approved by the company. You agree that all orders approved by Self Mastery Club AB are legally valid and binding.

You initiate a subscription by paying a fee through the currently applicable payment methods from a third-party provider. As a paying subscriber with Self Mastery Club AB, you also gain access to videos, live broadcasts, worksheets, audio files, content, and features not available to non-subscribers. Payment via invoice only occurs in exceptional cases.

You can also choose to use your wellness allowance with Self Mastery Club AB.

For questions regarding this, contact [email protected].

Self Mastery Club AB uses a third-party billing system to allow you to perform electronic transactions. For such services, the terms applicable to each payment method apply from the external third parties providing the payment method.

By entering into agreements under these Terms and Conditions, you consent to the storage of such billing and payment information by a third party, not by Self Mastery Club AB.

By becoming a paying user, you agree that Self Mastery Club AB and/or the specified third party will charge the cost of your subscription monthly/annually or in accordance with the subscription type you have chosen to your credit card or bank account. When you become a subscriber, your credit card or bank account is charged on the day you make the payment.

The next charge will occur a month later and then regularly in accordance with these frameworks during the subscription period. For an annual subscription, your card or bank account is charged every twelve (12) months. In case of non-payment, Self Mastery Club AB has the right to suspend access to the service until payment is made again.

Fees and Renewal

You agree to pay all fees for each service you purchase or use according to the currently applicable prices and payment terms presented to you for the respective service.

If you have chosen to pay fees with a credit or debit card, you certify that the credit card information you provide is correct and that you will promptly notify Self Mastery Club AB of any changes to this information. Fees paid by you are non-refundable, except as specified in these Terms and Conditions or as required by law.

All subscriptions are without a fixed term. If you choose to cancel the subscription before the time of your last payment expires, you are not entitled to a refund. Subscriptions offered by Self Mastery Club AB can be either free, free for a limited period, or subject to a fee. If the subscription is offered free of charge for a limited period, you will have the opportunity to renew the service and pay the applicable fee or stop using Self Mastery Club AB when the limited period expires.

The subscription must be renewed within the specified time period for the features to continue to work as before. If you choose not to renew, Self Mastery Club AB will terminate your account, and you will no longer be able to use Expand Limitless AB services.

Price Change

Self Mastery Club AB gives you the opportunity to actively choose to continuously subscribe on a monthly basis for a fee per month or, alternatively, to pay your subscription in advance for a certain number of months at a time, thus receiving a discount on the monthly cost. The advance payment is for a fixed number of months and gives a specified discount. Discount rates and selectable number of months may be changed by Self Mastery Club AB.

All prices stated are in SEK, including VAT. Special offers with limited validity may occur, such as trial offers. For currently applicable prices and discounts, please visit our website.

Self Mastery Club AB reserves the right to adjust the fee for services and products running indefinitely. For services with a certain term, Self Mastery Club AB has the right to adjust the fee during the term only with regard to increased costs for Self Mastery Club AB due to events such as Force Majeure or other circumstances beyond Self Mastery Club AB's control. These may include changes in the general price level, increased taxes and fees, or cost increases in relation to subcontractors due to Force Majeure conditions. Self Mastery Club AB will inform you in writing of a fee change within a reasonable time before the change takes effect. If you do not want to accept the change, you have the right to terminate the service at no extra cost no later than the day the change takes effect. You will not be affected by the price change during the notice period.

Self Mastery Club AB's online programs and services are non-refundable.

By accepting Self Mastery Club AB's General Terms & Conditions and Storage of Personal Data, you confirm that you are using the service at your own risk.


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